Workplace / HR consultancy services


Ensuring that your policies and procedures are in compliance with federal and state laws governing labor and employment practices to include, Anti-Discrimination statutes, Wage and Hour Law, Fair Labor Standards Act, Family Medical Leave Act, and OFCCP.


Objective and independent inquiries into harassment claims, employee misconduct, grievances and other complaints.

Risk Management

Preparation of position statements and recommendations related toemployee and administrative complaints.

Diversity & Inclusion

Development and implementation of diversity inclusion strategies and best practices in recruitment, hiring, development, retention, employee engagement, and customer and vendor campaigns.

Dispute Resolution

Certified neutral specializing in resolving employment disputes via mediation and ADR.

Policy & Procedure

Drafting clear and effective company policies regarding time and attendance, dress, workplace treatment, as well as, applicable management procedure for performance, conduct, employee accidents, and grievances.


Off the shelf and custom EEO and diversity training for all personnel levels.


Proactive assessment services to ensure the best possible use of human resources capital within your organization with focuses on policies, processes, job descriptions, recruitment and retention, performance measurement, compensation packages, training, and more.